Love Khaani

My name is Love Khaani

CEO of 🎁 Gift Smile Events 😊

I’m a Brand influencer, Event Organizer, a Sports-lover and a lifestyle Vlogger from Dubai, UAE.

Entertaining people is my passion. I’m the CEO of Gift Smile Events and bringing smiles to people’s faces is what I live for.

When I am not in front of the camera or on the ground, you’ll find me chilling with my family or off on a trip exploring the world.

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About Me

I am a young woman with a desire to make a difference. I did my schooling from The Central School, Dubai and went on to pursue a Master’s degree in Aviation from Emirates Aviation University. It was my wish to join the AirForce but fate had me join the commercial aviation industry as Customer Service Agent.

It is often said that a tragedy can shape your life like no one else! And I experienced it firsthand. At just 22 years of age, I got partially paralysed with no doctor being able to find the right diagnosis. All my medical expenses, house rents, groceries, clothing, everything was sponsored by charity. It was heartbreaking not being able to afford your own expenses but I didn’t lose hope.

After suffering for a year and undergoing prolonged treatment, a fitness trainer from India, Meenakshi finally diagnosed with muscle weakness. And in less than a week I was on the track to gain strength. On the sixth day of my training, I visited Paris and my first TikTok video went viral. When I returned back to Dubai, people started recognizing me as the “girl who made Tikok on Eiffel Tower”.

The Pandemic brought another set back in my life when I lost my job during the Covid-19 Crisis and ended up with some 10,000 dirhams as my End of Service benefits. But I happily spent half of the amount in helping an old man to return to his country who was conned by a fake agent. With a little saving at hand, I asked my friend for some help. With his guidance I invested in the Gift Smile Events. That kickstarted my journey and I eventually became the CEO of the Gift Smile Events. I also want to launch my own Gift Smile Cricket team soon.

I dream of touching the lives of millions by becoming a successful influencer in the field of humanity. I believe ” Quality is more important than Quantity and strive to put that in my actions.

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Want to Collaborate With Me?

In case you want to Collaborate or have any kind of Business Inquiry feel free to contacts me by on the “Contact Me” button given.

Brand Collaborations

I am lucky to have a promising social media presence which pushed and inspired me to become a brand influencer. Since the beginning of my journey, I have collaborated with several renowned brands and companies like Chaiwala, Nutridor Abevia, Smartarz, Sialkot Sports, Rehan Sports, Future Mattress, London Star Textiles, and many others.

Some of the Major Brands & Companies I have Collaborated with:
Upcoming Projects
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My first song: “Hashtag Mera TikTok” will premiere on 3 May at 10 PM.